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Interview with Béatrice Colastin Skokan, University of Miami Special Collections Manuscripts Librarian

Béatrice Colastin Skokan is Manuscripts Librarian at the University of Miami Special Collections, where she worked with Patricia Figueroa Sowers on the StoryCorps-Warmamas Community Archive. …

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¡A contar cuentos...!

Interactive and theatrical storytelling of one poem (Los zapaticos de rosa) and two short stories (Los dos ruiseñores, El camarón encantado) from La Edad de Oro by José…

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Interview with David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez (53) and Karen Jenson (25) discuss their intergenerational relationship.

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Interview with Lucrèce Louisdhon-Louinis

Interview with Lucrèce Louisdhon-Louinis, a professional storyteller, librarian, dancer, and executive director of the Louinès Louinis Haitian Dance Theatre. She moved to New York City…

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Interview with Lilian Nérette Louie

Interview with Liliane Nérette Louis, a storyteller, author, and cook with a strong interest in Haitian folk arts. The daughter of a doctor, Louis grew up in a large family in Port-au-Prince,…

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