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Interview with James Blakely and Emma Blakely

James Blakely (79) and wife Emma Blakely (69) talk with family Sabrina Blakely-Green (42), Joyce Blakely (51), Rickey Blakely (49), Tammy Blakely (45), and granddaughter Janay Blakely (14), about…

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Interview with Cándida Rosario

Cándida Rosario, 86, and her friend Martha Castilleja, 58 hablan acerca de la vida de Cándida en Puerto Rico, sobre todo acerca de su jardín de flores.//Cándida Rosario,…

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Interview with Manuel Quiroga

Manuel “Manny” Quiroga (61) and wife Mercy Quiroga (57) share stories about their parents, how they got together, and their families in Havana, Cuba. They discuss how their fathers were…

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