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Interview with Fr. Alejandro López

Interview with Alejandro Lopez, a priest whose life has revolved around service and ministry. Fr. Lopez was born in Cuba, lived in Canada for a while, before finally settling in Honduras, where he…

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Interview with Dilcia Morales Mei Lai Wong

Dilcia Morales, 42, talks to her friends Monica Alvarenga, 41, and Mei Lai Wong, 49 about how she crossed the U.S.- Mexico border with her mother at the age of 13.

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Interview with Leila Russell

Leila Russell (56) and boyfriend Steven Caplan (54) talk about Leila’s immigration to the U.S., how they met, and their relationship.

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Interview with Daisy Murillo

Carolyn interviews Daisy about her life in Belize and coming to the US, her family, and her positive outlook on life.

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