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Interview with Ana Castellanos

Children, Elsie Valderrama (44) and Alexander Castellanos (38) and mother, Ana Castellanos (70) remember their father's Army career.

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Interview with Roberto Morisseau

Roberto (26) talks to Sylvie (29) about moving to Miami from Haiti, joining the Military and his two deployments to Afghanistan.

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Interview with Roberto Guzmán

Interview with Robert Guzmán, a lawyer, linguist, and writer who graduated from law school in both Santo Domingo and Paris. He is a medical translator in eight different languages and a member…

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Interview with Tiberio Castellanos

Interview with Tiberio Castellano, Dominican journalist, radio and TV host, poet, and cultural and political activist. From a youthful opposition activist against Rafael Leonidas Trujillo´s…

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Interview with Carl Juste

Interview with Carl Juste, a Haitian-Cuban-American photojournalist who grew up in New York and moved to Miami with his family as a child. He is the son of Haitian-American community leader Viter…

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Interview with Nora Sandigo

Nora Sandigo is a community activist, co-founder of Fraternidad Nicaragüense (1989), and current director of American Fraternity. She promotes pro-amnesty campaigns, lobbies for immigration…

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Interview with Francisco Portillo

Interview with Francisco Portillo, a political activist in Miami who currently runs an organization helping Honduran immigrants. He is the founder and president of Organizacion Hondurena Francisco…

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Interview with María Rodriguez

Interview with María Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC). María was born in Kansas and grew up in Puerto Rico. She describes her background as…

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Interview with Marlon Hill

Interview with Marlon Hill, international corporate and transactional attorney. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica and attended a Jesuit secondary school there. Marlon moved to Miami in the summer of…

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Interview with Ronald Bilbao

Interview with Ronald Bilbao, Legislative Specialist at the Florida Education Association. Ronald was born in Miami in to Colombian and Venezuelan parents. He attended Miami-Dade County schools, and…

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Interview with Ruby Romero-Issaev

Interview with Ruby Romero-Issaev, producer and marketing director for Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Ruby comes from a family of artists and says that her father…

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Interview with Gepsie M. Metellus

Interview with Gepsie M. Metellus, an executive director and co-founder of the Haitian Neighborhood Center or Sant La in Miami. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and moved to New York when she…

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Interview with Angela Altamirano

Angela Altamirano, 70, talks with her social worker Joel Olivier, 44, about her life story, from her birth in Nicaragua to her life in San Francisco.

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Interview with Luisa Cepero

Sheila Cepero, 47, interviews her mother, Luisa Cepero, 71, about her childhood, living in Cuba, becoming a mother and a teacher, and her immigration from Cuba.

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Interview with Alma Rodriguez

Alma Rodriguez, 34, is interviewed by her friend and co-worker Michelle Guevara, 30.

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Interview with Paul Concepcíon

Paul Concepcíon (80) is interviewed by his daugther Ana Concepcíon. Paul was born in Cuba in 1930. He discusses growing up in Havana, Cuban politics, moving to Chicago, and…

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