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Interview with Ada Derevensky

Ada Derevensky (58) speaks with her husband, Mark Derevensky (58), about the enlistment of her son, Ferraz, in the Army, his deployment, and what it was like to be a mother with a son overseas.

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Interview with Jamila Gowdy

Mother, Amelia Gowdy (56) and her daughter, Jamila Gowdy (16) talk about Sgt. John Gowdy's 30 year military career with the Marines.

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Interview with Ailyavor Betancourt

Siblings Aliyavor Betancourt, 42, and Maria Silva, 39, reflect on their upbringing, remember their mother, and discuss Maria’s relationship with her husband.

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Interview with Lea Silvia F.R. Senoniain

Lea Silvia F.R. Senoniain (49) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Virginia Lora (24) about her experience leaving Brazil for Miami, her life as a mother, and her own parents.

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