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Readings by Francesca Monplaisir, Anson Gonzalez, Ian Bethel-Bennett, Jaqueline Johnson, Obediah Smith, and Ronald Lightbourne (1996)

Dr. Sandra Paquet of the University of Miami introduces the program and readers for CWSI July 23, 1996. Francesca Monplaisir reads an excerpt from her work in progress. Trinidadian poet Anson…

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Readings by Ian Strachan, Derrilyn Morrison, Julia Petitfrere, Marie-Ovide Gina Dorcely, and Margaret Gill (1996

Trinidadian novelist Earl Lovelace introduces the CWSI program of readings for July 26, 1996. Ian Strachan from New Providence Island, Bahamas, a playwright/lecturer/poet and professor of English at…

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Readings by Jorge Cortinas, Marie Theodore, Helen Klonaris, Louie Laveist, Kim Robinson-Walcott, Marceau Silen, Deborah Jack, Celia Alvarez, Susan Brown, Lianne Dookie, and Hazel Simmons-MacDonald (1996)

Jorge Cortinas, a Cuban-American playwright, reads three short pieces, one of them a poem title "Islands Called Static." Marie Theodore, a student at University of Massachusetts at Boston,…

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