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Interview with Onel Fortun Perez

Daughter, Giselle Perez (11) interviews her father, Onel Perez (41) about his 11 year military career as a Marine.

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Interview with Elsa Bender and Barbara Menéndez

Elsa Menéndez and her mother, Barbara Menéndez ask Elsa’s grandmother, Elsa Bender about family, life in Puerto Rico, and her sense of adventure and love of travel.

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Interview with Zoila M. Mena

Zoila M. Mena, 77, and Marie D. Valenti, 71 talk about Zoila’s life, in Cuba and in the U.S., her family, and their friendship. Zoila discusses growing up in Yahuahay and Camaguey, Cuba. She…

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