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Interview with Federico Uribe

Interview with Federico Uribe, a Colombian artist who now works in Miami. His artwork focuses mainly on taking everyday objects and intertwining or “recycling” them in imaginative ways.…

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Interview with Elizabeth Baez

Interview with Elizabeth Baez, Puerto Rican artist. Originally born in Brooklyn, New York, she moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 12 and stayed there with her family for the next 4-5 years. She then…

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Interview with Firelei Báez

Interview with Firelai Baez, artist. She was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to Miami at the age of nine. Firelei studied psychology in Miami-Dade and received a BFA from Cooper Union…

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Interview with Edouard Duval Carrié

Interview with Edouard Duval Carrié, painter and sculptor. He was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Edouard remained in Haiti until the age of nine, when his family then immigrated to Puerto…

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Interview with Amber DiPietra

Kari, 33, and Amber, 31, talk about working at the non-profit Lighthouse for the Blind, and the way their personal experiences inform their work.

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Interview with Maria Lau

William Lau, 34, interviews his sister Maria Lau 39, about “71,” an artistic exhibit documenting the search for her Chinese aunts who had been left behind in China when their father…

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Interview with Andres Duwin

Natasha Duwin (42) and brother Andres Duwin (39) talk about their family history and how they came to the U.S.

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Interview with Cecilia Dubon Slesnick

Ivón and Cecilia talk about their family backgrounds, the childhoods in Miami, their education outside of Miami, and returning to Miami to start families.

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Interview with Gustavo Alfredo Noguera

Gustavo talks to facilitator, Lilly, about his Beethoven Society, turning 9th St. into Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Street, and promoting Beethoven’s life and music in Miami.

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Interview with Rosie Gordon-Wallace

Interview with Rosie Gordon-Wallace, the founder and curator of Diaspora Vibe Gallery and Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, which specialize in cultivating Caribbean and Latin American art with…

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Interview with Jan Mapou

Interview with Jan Mapou (Jean-Marie Denis), an author, playwright, director, and arts advocate. He was one of the founders of the Haitian Kreyòl Movement, which began in Haiti in 1965, and…

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Postmodern fortune teller

Performance by Leandro Soto with the participation of the audience. One by one, the audience submit questions to the fortune teller (portrayed by Soto) who communicates the future through dance and…

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E Pluribus Unum performance installation piece

Performance and video installation created by Leandro Soto; music composed by Steve Katz; sponsored by Mount Holyoke College's department of theater arts.

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Introduction and opening scene of E-motions

Video recording of introduction and first scene of Leandro Soto's E-motions. The cast includes Leandro Soto as Antonin Artaud, Cosmic Weaver, and Old Man; Maria S. Horne as Ono No Komachi; and…

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Staging of E-motions

Staging of Leandro Soto's E-motions, "an interdisciplanary multicultural shamanic ritual for a postmodern world" (from program). Soto was the set, costume, and makeup designer; he was…

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Diaspora installation piece at Arizona State University

Video of Leandro Soto's multimedia performance installation piece "that fuses abstract and figurative representations of African cultures in displacement, Cuban in particular, and in the…

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