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Postmodern fortune teller

Performance by Leandro Soto with the participation of the audience. One by one, the audience submit questions to the fortune teller (portrayed by Soto) who communicates the future through dance and…

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E Pluribus Unum performance installation piece

Performance and video installation created by Leandro Soto; music composed by Steve Katz; sponsored by Mount Holyoke College's department of theater arts.

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Introduction and opening scene of E-motions

Video recording of introduction and first scene of Leandro Soto's E-motions. The cast includes Leandro Soto as Antonin Artaud, Cosmic Weaver, and Old Man; Maria S. Horne as Ono No Komachi; and…

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Staging of E-motions

Staging of Leandro Soto's E-motions, "an interdisciplanary multicultural shamanic ritual for a postmodern world" (from program). Soto was the set, costume, and makeup designer; he was…

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Diaspora installation piece at Arizona State University

Video of Leandro Soto's multimedia performance installation piece "that fuses abstract and figurative representations of African cultures in displacement, Cuban in particular, and in the…

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Scenes from E-motions and five other productions

Scenes from Leandro Soto's play, E-motions and clips from three plays and two ballets for which Soto was responsible for makeup, costume, and set design: Mirando al Tendido (8:00 min.),…

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