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Rejas Navarro, "Ni King Kong puede con ellas"

Un gorila trata de entrar en una casa pero es detenido por los portones hechos por Rejas Navarro. // A gorilla tries to break into a house but is blocked by the gates made by Rejas Navarro.

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Cercas Miami de Hialeah

Domingo López, presidente de Cercas Miami, se ve mostrando un catálogo con muestras y productos al locutor Miguel Hernández y su esposa. // Domingo López, president of…

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Interview with Maria Ines Llodra

Maria Ines "Ine" Llodra (32) and Raffaele Capoferro (40) talk about their moves to the U.S., the pace of modern life, and how they met.

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Interview with Adriana Sabino

Adriana Sabino, 56 and Lilly Sullivan, 26 talk about Adriana coming to the United States, raising daughters as an immigrant mother, and the importance of Brazilian culture in her life.

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Interview with Padrica Mendez

Padrica Mendez (71) talks with niece Padrica M. Mendez (44) about her Afro-Cuban heritage, and her career as an opera singer and fashion designer.

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