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Interview with Cecilia Dubon Slesnick

Ivón and Cecilia talk about their family backgrounds, the childhoods in Miami, their education outside of Miami, and returning to Miami to start families.

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Interview with Aida Levitan

Aida Levitan (61) y Rodrigo de la Luz (40) se entrevistan uno a otro de sus vidas y sus trabajos. // Aida Levitan (61) and Rodrigo de la Luz (40) interview each other about their lives and their…

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Interview with Maria Garza

Maria Garza, 50, and her husband, Cipriano Garza talk about how their experiences growing up as migrant farmworkers has shaped their lives.

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Interview with Elsa Solis

Elsa Solis, 56, and her sister Eliana Martin, 47 talk about their parents and their struggle to leave Cuba and bring their family to the U.S.

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